© Jalani Morgan (2016)   Contact   e: manderskerry@gmail.com

© Jalani Morgan (2016)

e: manderskerry@gmail.com

Writer. Editor. Curator. Photographer.   

I’m an ex-academic turned freelancer.

My background is in English Lit: I specialized in Modernism and Literary/Film Theory, and my work focused on queer memory and mourning. In 2014, I found myself at the same dinner table as James Estrin, editor of the NYT Lens blog. I was in the midst of writing a thesis chapter on early 20th C photographer and writer Claude Cahun. James asked me about my work and, later, invited me to pitch a Cahun story. I did, it was published in the NYT, and I’ve been writing about photography ever since. I was a senior writer for the award-winning Raw View Magazine in the final two years of its run (2016-17).

I decided that I didn’t want only to write about photography; I wanted try my hand at it, too. I’m getting some on-the-job training by working as an assistant for various Toronto photographers, and exploring what stories I want to tell—and how.  

In 2014, I co-founded “The Thing About,” a series of interdisciplinary arts events exploring a single topic that I also curate and host. Its inaugural edition, “The Thing About Objects" (TTAO), had five distinct incarnations in Canada and the U.S. Stay tuned for the next series.

One of the best things about my career shift is being able to provide visual, editing, and writing support to a wide array of clients on diverse projects. For more information, check out my Services page.